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Learn Why Your Company Needs a Well Written Blog


Customers probably seek out for well-known companies like Apple. But, for companies depending on search to create traffic in addition to leads/sales, new, rich, relevant content is significantly crucial in the algorithms of search engines. Without content, a social media advertising technique is difficult to keep alive till the end, simply because only deals & contests can support social systems before the appeal gets jaded. Therefore, I'd say that the change to content advertising is certain for many companies and online branding has little to do with that transition. The actual truth is content advertising determines branding equally offline as well as online. Let's see what's the worth of personalization of social media today. Here we can go through the significance of blogging in the social media marketing advertising strategy.


Blogging is surely a major option! But, we also see some issues with just how consumers are blogging specifically applying microblogs in the form of social media sites or major blog sites as their stage for content advertising efforts. And that is clearly an issue since blogging websites allow it to be tougher to position effectively in natural search. More so microblogging does not give you richer content essential to operate traffic to your site and in turn sell to them. It shouldn't be your central advertising strategy.

Blog advantages

Blogging may be the corner stone of one's social media marketing strategy. Companies generate more prospective leads once they integrate a blog. Blogging raises your client trust. Blogging is the most effective reason customers follow your company and promote your messages. Significantly more than half of visitors see your organization more positively while examining your content. 70% of customers get the consciousness of your company during this content advertising strategy.

Social media

While some people make use of a blog to generate income or counteract different charges, a lot of the bloggers I am aware of make use of a blog within their content advertising strategy to guide their business. Huge websites, like Mashable and TechCrunch, will make an income offering advertising room or performing affiliate advertising, but the majority of us make use of a blog to entice guests to the websites, construct relying associations with clients and prospects, and advise customers about different products. It is a primary component of our inbound advertising strategy. A blog may be the simple greatest component of any business. You'll need perhaps not need to go for cold calling or delivering arbitrary e-mails to prospects in the hopes of developing your business. Be a specialist in social media advertising to have a solid grip in analytics & marketing concepts for creating customers. And guess what? It certainly works.

Blogging enables you to get discovered

Without new, important, accessible content on your own site, it's significantly tougher to gain a position in a normal search. The Google algorithm contains parameters almost impossible to deal with without any content advertising strategy.

Content advertising

What exactly is your blog all about? It is important that your blog points to your audience the important things that covers issues for them. Which means keeping along with traits of Twitter and Facebook and submitting content that is fascinating, well-written, non-promotional, and covers client problems. You cannot put up any rubbish, unless it immediately pertains to your brand.

LinkedIn unifies professional people & business entities through Advanced Search


LinkedInWith content getting more and more recognition in the social networking scenario, the topmost professional site LinkedIn has taken one step ahead in bringing together people, companies, groups and jobs. This is a completely new experience that LinkedIn has introduced in its search parameter which promises rapid digging of professional information in more depth.

According to Bradley Mauney, LinkedIn Product Head, "We're bringing all of the goodness on LinkedIn -- people, companies, jobs and groups -- and putting it all together in one place." He further added, "Search was already a core part of our monetization model. We're hoping users will find the new search more compelling...and find more people and more jobs."

LinkedIn Advance Search

After a year of dedicated designing and committed engineering, LinkedIn can now actually interpret the intent when you search. For this the organization has started giving importance to the data present on the profile and the connections present in your network to display results which are personalized.

    • The site can now actually show all suggestions based on the auto complete queries as well as those sorted by the kind of content. This is because of a unique search box present at the top of the page which has been enhanced to a great extent through a newly improved algorithm.
    • A term ‘product manager’ might be perceived differently by different people and hence LinkedIn will display different results for different people based on what content they have in their profile as well as connections.

LinkedIn Advance Search

    • This gives rise to a new feature being added in the form of suggested search alerts which works in an automated manner whenever there are any modifications being made in your searches
    • This gives rise to a new feature being added in the form of suggested search alerts which works in an automated manner whenever there are any modifications being made in your searches

Summing up…

The changes apparently do not seem that big enough but they definitely appear revolutionary in unifying jobs, companies, groups and people. This move introduced in LinkedIn is a result of ‘Facebook Graph Search’ introduced by the topmost social networking platform. Both the searches are mainly meant to help users search through several different factors such as interest, location, network and much more. In both cases attracting search engine users, serving more content related to ads and increasing engagement among users have been the key goals.

Privatize your pinned images with Secret Boards on Pinterest


Introduction to Social Media & ‘Pinterest’

Social media is a medium of interaction wherein people belonging to different places, religion, age groups, occupation, etc. come together on the web using a single platform allowing them as well as the organizations to communicate with each other. Today many popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. have made it possible for people situated around the globe to talk with each other just on a personal or a professional level by sitting on the internet.

Pinterst Logo337design Pinterest Dashboard

Quiet recently a new social media site has gained popularity on the web within a few months of its release earlier this year. We are talking about a website which allows users to share photos related to the hobbies, interests, events, and more. Termed as “Pinterest”, users are availed with pinboards where they can pin their image collection to be viewed, liked, commented, or shared by other users. Pinterest believes in connecting the world through amazing things via a platform which welcomes creative ideas & innovation.


Pinterest introduces a new functionality with the secret boards feature. Secret boards help users to have an account of the project or work activities, organizing events, planning holidays, and much more. It can be used for the pinning purpose by friends or family but only if they are invited, else only users themselves can pin the secret boards if none of them are invited. The present boards which have already been repinned by family or friends can’t be made a secret board. A user can create up to 3 secret boards. If a new secret board needs to be created then either one secret board has to be deleted or a secret board has to be converted into a visible board because at a time only 3 secret boards could be there. But in case if the user is invited to be a part of the secret board then it won’t be counted as one among the three secret boards limit. Secret boards are not visible by other users when they see the profile. Once you pin something on a secret board then it can either be viewed by you or else by the people who are invited. A user can view his/her secret board at the bottom of the profile page.

How to use this feature?

See how you create a secret board using pinterestFind here all your Secret boards preview which you have hidden using create board

In order to create a secret board & make it visible, just follow the steps given below:

  • Go on to the Profile page and click “Create a Secret Board” given at the bottom. The other way to create is to click on the Add+ tab given at the topmost right corner, select the option “Create Board”, and turn on the Secret Button.
  • If you are using a mobile or tablet platform with Android or iOS, then first download the Pinterest software. And then just click on “Create Board” towards the bottom.
  • In order to convert a secret board into a visible board to be viewed by everyone,
    • Go to the secret board
    • Click on Edit Board
    • Turn off the secret board settings

Winding Up

A secret board gets the void filled with Pinterest when it comes to the privacy settings present in other social networking sites. With this functionality, a user being a member of Pinterest can pin private images on the site without actually getting noticed by the other users. With this, users get a chance to either limit specific images to himself or to the specific people only. This helps with the relevant sharing of information to a relevant group of people.

Utilize LinkedIn for Improving Business


The most recent survey reported that LinkedIn has 150 million users registered from 200 countries. You may be one amongst them or you may have just initiated an account on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network which is constantly adding new features to emphasize skill, knowledge, experience or any speak about new products introduced, thus letting other professionals know about you as an individual or an organization.

This post will high light the number of ways to strengthen a Profile in the course of using innovative applications and sections to optimize connections with your Clients, prospectors and business communities.One can also introduce a company page in LinkedIn to make the industry aware about your product and any development work that is being constantly updated.


LinkedIn commenced in May 5, 2003 for the main purpose of professional networking. It has been recognized by online business communities and Job hunters. Professionals identified it as a top recruiting site and didn’t see the impending until lately.

The Search, Network and Analytics (SNA) team at LinkedIn holds open source projects built by the group. LinkedIn profile is to develop professional business relationships quickly on professional networking online. If you are a regular LinkedIn user, you may have to find some ways to connect to people as LinkedIn doesn’t provide direct contact information to the user.

LinkedIn product developers work hard to develop new features on a day to day basis. LinkedIn is a great business community where intelligent and likeminded people connect from different industries all across for a variety of reasons.

Tips for LinkedIn Profiles with respect to business

We can take an advantage to promote our business through LinkedIn. LinkedIn profile depicts your present company placement, two preceding company’s placements, Professional Education, Profile Summary, Profile picture, Skills & Expertise, Last three recommendations, and Applications. LinkedIn confirms that, your profile should be 100% complete in case of which it has 40 times more potential to be searched on search engines. If you are not sure about your profile, just login to LinkedIn account and you would see the percentage bar indicating the percentage completion.

You may research keywords with the help of Google Keyword Search tool to include those keywords on profile summary, work positions and specialties. It’s just helpful to boost up your results in LinkedIn search. You may include keywords like (Website Design, Logo Design, Mobile Application Developer, ecommerce Store developer, Graphics Design, Multimedia and etc.) According to your skills and expertise, choice of a keyword is really helpful to spread your profile among LinkedIn users easily.

Don’t forget to claim your personalized LinkedIn Public URL, which really makes easy access within LinkedIn or in search engine results like Google, Yahoo or Bing. By clicking “Edit” at the right side of the URL you can choose Unique URL meant for your LinkedIn Profiles.


Applications enhance more about yourself and the job you do. If you’re a website design professional you should create portfolio to represent your showcase. You can enrich your profile by using effective LinkedIn Applications. Added Applications on home page enables you to control who gets permit to what information.

In LinkedIn, for concerned designers Applications are SlideShare for Presentations, Google for ppt Presentations, Tweets, Huddle Wordpress, and Legal updates, Project and Teamspaces and furthermore.

There are also numerous sections in LinkedIn to customize your profile which are as:

Publications- You can publish your work there.

Languages- Mention your Languages proficiency.

Skills and Expertise- Something about your interpersonal professional skills and expertises

Certifications- it’s for posting Adding certifications, Licenses and improving Clearances


Joining and taking a part in groups conversations essential for the LinkedIn interconnected platform. You can search any existing group or create a new one that matches with your requirements and ideas. Most of the groups are access for all open public but some require a membership with them. You can exchange messages among those groups member if they have set their setting “Allow members of this group to send me messages via LinkedIn.”It’s like one to one communication among group members.

Company Page

There are so many things you should know before creating a company page on LinkedIn. There are more than 2 million company pages listed since the company pages roll-out. You can represent a company considerably more about business and overviews. You may embed YouTube videos to the Company page. You can also recommend a page; it’s the most trustworthy form of advertising.

Other Features on LinkedIn:

1) Analytics- It tracks who is visiting your company profile and who is following your page. In addition, it also tracks careers tab, products and services tab, promotional banners and about the visitors who reach out to your employees.

2) Improves editing and Privacy Settings

3) “Recommend” button for websites

LinkedIn is constantly working on new features for professionals to make it more interactive and user friendly. You might join LinkedIn on Facebook and Twitter. We hope 337design.com served you better for spreading more awareness on LinkedIn, if yes then doesn’t hesitate to join our professional network by clicking the icons mentioned below in footer.

How to create a Viral Video which people will love to share?


You might be thinking that Viral Marketing is pretty much difficult which you can’t even get through. You may study some of the marketing tricks for viral marketing but you will still be scratching your head for not getting the appropriate results. Don’t worry as initially I was one of them when I got started.

There were few of my friends who got good results for just uploading the videos of their pets, children and some of the funny things they found even though they were from non-IT backgrounds. They were simply addicted to share anything on the web what they liked. That day onwards I felt like getting through this anyhow.

See here you need to understand people’s mind if you are doing something for them. Are they aliens? No, then you can understand them easily. Think by putting yourself intheir place and see how you feel about your share. If answer is good, then go for it and do implementation onto the web, and just see how easily your information goes viral.

I researched a lot on viral marketing and found that videos are the best way to go viral easily. I have seen in many of the videos and great commercial ads for brands that people love to share on their wall. When you are creating viral promotional video for your organization, it should not be boring or irritating.

What do you need? How people will react after watching your video? Ask few of the questions to yourself first before taking an initiative. Relax, it’s not that much stressful as you think so. It’s pretty simple. You just need to pass a message funny or powerful enough that people will love to share everywhere.

Check out a few steps to create a viral video:

Choose your Composition Style and Screenplay

I think comedy is a great tool, isn’t it? (It’s not compulsory that you will get viewers only through comedy) When you find some of the videos like ‘Charlie bit my finger’, why do you think they go viral? It’s nothing but the over-the-top actions which matches them with your script to sail your point across.

After, selecting your composition style it comes to script/screenplay.I am not talking about JavaScript, nope! I am talking about a written script that you find in your promotional commercials ideallyof 30 seconds length. It’s really required in the script. Check what resources you have around your office and your home and then set your script with it. Apply what’seasily available around you. Another thing regarding script, please don’t be in a hurry while making something interesting as you need to be perfect in your script. Read through the script and share it with your friends and colleagues. If you are creating something funny and you don’t find them funny enough among your social networks then rewrite it until you have something solid enough. Spend as much time required because this will certainly be the most important step.

Be comfortable with Apparatus around you

Look around as to what actually is easily available. You can use, Microphone Built Camera that records with natural light. Also professional DSLR cameras work great for this.

Stay away from modifying your video frequently

The Beauty of your video always lies in your own hands. You can shoot and reshoot as much as required. It really doesn’t matter how many timesyou shoot your video to achieve perfection. It’s obvious that you won’t get it perfect initially, though it’s not always possible. A main criterion is not to edit your video scenes to look artificial. You can use some transition software to get the sharp cuts that you need.

Apply tune to your video

If you want people to watch your video and feel attractive and mesmerized, then you should add some melodious tunes to it. But again it should have a proper match with your video. It should not make the video boring or clumsy.

Decide your actors

You don’t need to set real actors for your video. Talk to your colleagues, friends, and relatives and ask them to help you to make your video viral.

Your message matters for people, not your errors

While making this type of video you need not be perfect all the time. The message you send to the people needs to be powerful and interesting. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a professional camera; it’s all about the message coming through your camera.

Bonus to have an experience guide

If you have an experienced guide then it’salways great while carrying out alive shoot, though it’s not all time necessary. They will help you to execute your shoot in a proper & systematic manner. On an initial level or on a small scale it’s ok if you do it with the help of your colleagues, relatives or friends, or someone who is camera savvy.

2010 List of Trends on Twitter


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