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Great Article from Smashing Magazine - E-Commerce Copywriting - The Guide To Selling More


Our friends over at Smashing Magazine put together some useful tips for Ecommerce website owners.  Copywriting is very important, make sure you do it right.  VIEW FULL ARTICLE or click image below:

Startup Lessons From a Twenty Year Old?


Check out this great interview over at Bnet, with 20-year old CEO of the website indinero.com: Link to Article

Writing Great Copy For Sales Pages


The folks over at Copy Blogger share some insight on writing great sales pages, check out the article here: VIEW ARTICLE

Free Screen Sharing Tool for Businesses


Mikogo is a great new free tool that you can use for a whole slew of great uses, including:

- Online Meetings

- Web Conferencing

- Online Presentations

- Product Demos

- and much more

Register for a free account today, and start sharing across the web!

Website Budgeting Article From Entrepreneur.com


This article came from the August Issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.  It gives a great comprehensive breakdown of the cost of building a website.  View Article here.

Start Out Right with a Free Website Planner


The most important step in building a new website is by far the planning stage.  We put together this free website planner to help guide you through the key aspects of plan your new website.  To download it today, head here to join The Insider Track, our free web community.