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Here’ some measures to create a ‘content friendly’ website


“Have you ever diagnosed the quality of content on your website…???”

A lot of organizations put loads of money to assemble the right kind of a website with an exquisite design. But when it comes to content, the website building process becomes an afterthought. It is the last thing in their mind. Let me make it clear that a website only works if it has got a high end content.

Google requires quality content

There are many things which constitute a website such as graphics, tools, applications, multimedia, programming & pictures, but what stands above all is the relevant content that a user looks for. If proper time is utilized in developing efficient content, then visitors can have smooth access to the information they require in order to make appropriate decisions.

FAQs related to a website content

When a user logs on to a website, he/she has gets a series of questions which needs to be answered like:

    • Is the website going to satisfy the required needs?
    • Is the firm authentic enough?
    • Are the offerings completely trustworthy?
    • What quality related policies have been implemented?
    • Does the website offer the right kind of products?
    • What is expected if an association takes place in the organization?

These are just a few of them out of a pool of loads of questions. A website content is not just focused on answering these questions; it has also to be compelling, intuitive, communicative and interactive. Let’s have a look at the various ways in which superior content can be created so as to answer all the user end questions in the most satisfying manner.

Useful steps for generating high quality content

    • A website should speak as if acting as a human being. The overall  personality should remain the same on each and every page of the website in terms of appearance and communication.
    • Active words should be used in place of passive speech. This way the content becomes highly interactive and engaging and lets a user get engrossed and become part of a story that is being disclosed.
    • All typographical errors related to grammar and/or spellings should be eliminated.
    • Keep your content as simple as possible with less depth so that it is easy for the users to read everything in detail. This requires formatting of the content in a systematic manner.
    • Content should contain all the wants and needs of the customers rather than focus on what you want to offer.

High Quality Content

    • The content should be capable enough to communicate with different personalities and make them understand how they can benefit from their products/services.
    • Visitor benefits should be given more priority over business features.
    • Text should be spam free without any artificial tone, technical language, jazzy words, key words or key phrases.
    • There has to be at least one call to action on every page of a website so that a user can make out what next to do in the conversion process.
    • Links provided to other reputable websites can increase your credibility.

Strategies to implement while writing website content

After looking at the various ways of creating quality content there are some strategies that you can follow for the same. According to these, the content should be:

    • Unique and relevant which has to be first interpreted and then written in an informative manner.
    • Simple that does not have any kind of complicated way of representing data.
    • Filled with humorous or fun quotient as well as other engaging ways such as bundled packages, offers, deals, discounts, white papers, ebooks, blog posts, reviews, surveys and contests.

Content is King

    • Creative so as to offer same old products in a completely distinctive manner so as to differentiate yourself from competitors.
    • Versatile enough to accommodate diagrams, instructions, lists, sheets, slides, video, audio, infographics, images etc.
    • Innovative in terms of pricing in several ways to offer different variety of memberships to multiple customers.

Final thoughts

Every product or service gets sold purely on the basis of information. Not giving a priority to content literally means cutting down on the information part. This leaves the user stranded in nowhere land without any proper details, questions, answers, feedback, justifications or suggestions. What is worse is due to all these, the user does not find any reason to continue resulting in them getting diverted. Quality content does not really mean putting average content on loads of pages; it means putting only relevant content on the required number of pages.

Content is Key

So remember, content is not just a key but is also the respective lock as well…!!!