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Web & Mobile Designing & Programming - Get The Best from UX Investment


We all know that the business case for doing user experience work in web & mobile designing & programming projects really pays off investing up front in making products easy to use. It improves, efficiency, effectiveness, and end user satisfaction while reducing project risk, cost, and time.

Behind an under-performing user experience effort into a web & mobile designing & programming there are many hidden factors like a lack of tools to the zombie apocalypse anything can inflict mayhem on your teams, also when UX folks aren’t able to communicate well, they can’t understand business, they aren’t team players, they have such a terrible body odor people stay away as much as possible.

Below are some of the very common organizational behavior patterns that make the best UX efforts ineffective.

Hiring wrong people

As lately the user experience is getting a lot of attention, UX has become the buzzword many want to add to their resumes. Although UX exists under different names the field has been around for several years and is fairly mature. People are generally cannot be considered to be at a professional level if they have done full-time UX work as their job for only two to three years. For finding a UX pro you should look for someone who displays excellent communication skills, a high level of empathy, and lots of curiosity.

A true UX pro won’t push her personal preference or opinion in web & mobile designing & programming & will try to prevent you to do that, instead she would like to go based on the user research, test data, heuristics and UI design patterns. Moreover, she doesn’t prefer to attach to her designs but will start from the scratch creating sketches, wireframes and multiple prototypes before going to a detailed level of the design.

If she is not UX pro she will start with interaction and visual design, but if she is indeed a UX pro she will begin with concepts, structure and information design then go further to interaction and visual designing. She should be interested in measurable success metrics not only verbal and use them to take design direction and test protocol. She also speaks for making something easy and also depicts how she will measure that how it is easy. These are some signs of true UX pro in web & mobile designing & programming.

You are preventing the right people from doing their work

It’s really great if you have just found out the best solid UX pro team and an existing project kicked off. But in many cases the same organization that values UX and hires us to do UX work is also is also knowable or unknowingly preventing the UX team’s success. There are plenty of reasons to do this and mainly the lack of management abilities to deal with technocrats successfully or sometime the rules of engagement which are deteriorating the efforts of the UX team to give its best work. Most of the time the organizations which are hiring a UX designer or a team definitely have financial and other resources to extend helping hand to the UX team but lack of knowledge or bureaucracy don’t let them to do for web & mobile designing & programming.