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Utilize LinkedIn for Improving Business


The most recent survey reported that LinkedIn has 150 million users registered from 200 countries. You may be one amongst them or you may have just initiated an account on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network which is constantly adding new features to emphasize skill, knowledge, experience or any speak about new products introduced, thus letting other professionals know about you as an individual or an organization.

This post will high light the number of ways to strengthen a Profile in the course of using innovative applications and sections to optimize connections with your Clients, prospectors and business communities.One can also introduce a company page in LinkedIn to make the industry aware about your product and any development work that is being constantly updated.


LinkedIn commenced in May 5, 2003 for the main purpose of professional networking. It has been recognized by online business communities and Job hunters. Professionals identified it as a top recruiting site and didn’t see the impending until lately.

The Search, Network and Analytics (SNA) team at LinkedIn holds open source projects built by the group. LinkedIn profile is to develop professional business relationships quickly on professional networking online. If you are a regular LinkedIn user, you may have to find some ways to connect to people as LinkedIn doesn’t provide direct contact information to the user.

LinkedIn product developers work hard to develop new features on a day to day basis. LinkedIn is a great business community where intelligent and likeminded people connect from different industries all across for a variety of reasons.

Tips for LinkedIn Profiles with respect to business

We can take an advantage to promote our business through LinkedIn. LinkedIn profile depicts your present company placement, two preceding company’s placements, Professional Education, Profile Summary, Profile picture, Skills & Expertise, Last three recommendations, and Applications. LinkedIn confirms that, your profile should be 100% complete in case of which it has 40 times more potential to be searched on search engines. If you are not sure about your profile, just login to LinkedIn account and you would see the percentage bar indicating the percentage completion.

You may research keywords with the help of Google Keyword Search tool to include those keywords on profile summary, work positions and specialties. It’s just helpful to boost up your results in LinkedIn search. You may include keywords like (Website Design, Logo Design, Mobile Application Developer, ecommerce Store developer, Graphics Design, Multimedia and etc.) According to your skills and expertise, choice of a keyword is really helpful to spread your profile among LinkedIn users easily.

Don’t forget to claim your personalized LinkedIn Public URL, which really makes easy access within LinkedIn or in search engine results like Google, Yahoo or Bing. By clicking “Edit” at the right side of the URL you can choose Unique URL meant for your LinkedIn Profiles.


Applications enhance more about yourself and the job you do. If you’re a website design professional you should create portfolio to represent your showcase. You can enrich your profile by using effective LinkedIn Applications. Added Applications on home page enables you to control who gets permit to what information.

In LinkedIn, for concerned designers Applications are SlideShare for Presentations, Google for ppt Presentations, Tweets, Huddle Wordpress, and Legal updates, Project and Teamspaces and furthermore.

There are also numerous sections in LinkedIn to customize your profile which are as:

Publications- You can publish your work there.

Languages- Mention your Languages proficiency.

Skills and Expertise- Something about your interpersonal professional skills and expertises

Certifications- it’s for posting Adding certifications, Licenses and improving Clearances


Joining and taking a part in groups conversations essential for the LinkedIn interconnected platform. You can search any existing group or create a new one that matches with your requirements and ideas. Most of the groups are access for all open public but some require a membership with them. You can exchange messages among those groups member if they have set their setting “Allow members of this group to send me messages via LinkedIn.”It’s like one to one communication among group members.

Company Page

There are so many things you should know before creating a company page on LinkedIn. There are more than 2 million company pages listed since the company pages roll-out. You can represent a company considerably more about business and overviews. You may embed YouTube videos to the Company page. You can also recommend a page; it’s the most trustworthy form of advertising.

Other Features on LinkedIn:

1) Analytics- It tracks who is visiting your company profile and who is following your page. In addition, it also tracks careers tab, products and services tab, promotional banners and about the visitors who reach out to your employees.

2) Improves editing and Privacy Settings

3) “Recommend” button for websites

LinkedIn is constantly working on new features for professionals to make it more interactive and user friendly. You might join LinkedIn on Facebook and Twitter. We hope 337design.com served you better for spreading more awareness on LinkedIn, if yes then doesn’t hesitate to join our professional network by clicking the icons mentioned below in footer.