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Useful Tips to Make the Potential Users or Visitors to Take Action on Your Website


After the months of efforts and dedicated work finally your website is ready and doing well over the search engines. You may feel proud of your web development venture, but certainly you have realized that your visitors are not taking any action even though your website ranks well and have every element of a successful website.

What could be the possible reasons for that? You may start reviewing your website to find out the main problem and what you have found is the poorly designed call to action by the website designer. No need to afraid of it, this happens many times in many web development ventures. There are many ways you can improve the effectiveness of the call to actions within your website design.

So, let’s check out some of the most useful ways through which you can enhance the call to actions within your website and make the users take action whenever they visit your website.

    • Make it more specific and clear
      Design call to action that clearly defines what they are offering. Make them more specifically in order to help users to know what is in it for them.
    • Clearly define the actions
      Many web designers often fail to design call to action that easily convey or define their actions or what they are meant for. Users feel tempted when they prompted what they thought to be doing now.
    • Always keep it above the fold
      Make it easy for users to locate or view the call to actions within the website. Place the CTA in a column on the right or left side of the page to avoid scrolling.
    • Make it compatible with the content of the page
      It is essential that call to actions match with the contents of the page. For example, if the page is all about the benefits of getting a membership, then call to action should be about becoming a member. So, remember that call to action should be in context with the content of the page.
    • Design it to stand out differently
      Always make it stand out differently from the rest of the buttons or links within the website. You can use contrasting colors to make it look different.
    • Place them in the same location on every page
      Many times designers place CTA in a different location or place in different pages, which at the end confuse users and make them leave the website. So, always place them in the same location on every page.

Following the above discussed guidelines or tips will definitely help you make the visitors to take action and enhance the conversion rate for your website.