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Privatize your pinned images with Secret Boards on Pinterest


Introduction to Social Media & ‘Pinterest’

Social media is a medium of interaction wherein people belonging to different places, religion, age groups, occupation, etc. come together on the web using a single platform allowing them as well as the organizations to communicate with each other. Today many popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. have made it possible for people situated around the globe to talk with each other just on a personal or a professional level by sitting on the internet.

Pinterst Logo337design Pinterest Dashboard

Quiet recently a new social media site has gained popularity on the web within a few months of its release earlier this year. We are talking about a website which allows users to share photos related to the hobbies, interests, events, and more. Termed as “Pinterest”, users are availed with pinboards where they can pin their image collection to be viewed, liked, commented, or shared by other users. Pinterest believes in connecting the world through amazing things via a platform which welcomes creative ideas & innovation.


Pinterest introduces a new functionality with the secret boards feature. Secret boards help users to have an account of the project or work activities, organizing events, planning holidays, and much more. It can be used for the pinning purpose by friends or family but only if they are invited, else only users themselves can pin the secret boards if none of them are invited. The present boards which have already been repinned by family or friends can’t be made a secret board. A user can create up to 3 secret boards. If a new secret board needs to be created then either one secret board has to be deleted or a secret board has to be converted into a visible board because at a time only 3 secret boards could be there. But in case if the user is invited to be a part of the secret board then it won’t be counted as one among the three secret boards limit. Secret boards are not visible by other users when they see the profile. Once you pin something on a secret board then it can either be viewed by you or else by the people who are invited. A user can view his/her secret board at the bottom of the profile page.

How to use this feature?

See how you create a secret board using pinterestFind here all your Secret boards preview which you have hidden using create board

In order to create a secret board & make it visible, just follow the steps given below:

  • Go on to the Profile page and click “Create a Secret Board” given at the bottom. The other way to create is to click on the Add+ tab given at the topmost right corner, select the option “Create Board”, and turn on the Secret Button.
  • If you are using a mobile or tablet platform with Android or iOS, then first download the Pinterest software. And then just click on “Create Board” towards the bottom.
  • In order to convert a secret board into a visible board to be viewed by everyone,
    • Go to the secret board
    • Click on Edit Board
    • Turn off the secret board settings

Winding Up

A secret board gets the void filled with Pinterest when it comes to the privacy settings present in other social networking sites. With this functionality, a user being a member of Pinterest can pin private images on the site without actually getting noticed by the other users. With this, users get a chance to either limit specific images to himself or to the specific people only. This helps with the relevant sharing of information to a relevant group of people.