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Performance Culture for Web & Mobile Software Building


Initially to have stunning technologies and functional web or mobile software website or web application were enough to capture the market but with advances in technologies had nullified the feeling of something new to technology's effect and now users are becoming more and more smart and concentrated the good user experiences to choose the products. Thus this is the era of usability and user experiences. Among the all factors for good use experiences the performance of web and mobile software gaining momentum so the web and mobile software building is now performance oriented.

When you belong to the performance field and want your company to performance oriented for your website or mobile applications you need to create awareness among the members of your company who are concerned with this. If you are lucky and your CEO had recruited you to manage the performance issues your way is clean, but your company is not much interested then making the performance a priority in your organization is pretty challenging.

In order to make your company performance focused you need to start with the top level where these persons are the leaders of various groups or departments of the organization. This is important because you need to involve different sections in your performance campaign like engineers know that how to optimize the product so you can speak in terms of reducing the regressions and fewer outages with that folks and convince them. The UX team would like to hear about longer sessions, more sessions per month like user metrics and same the way finance team would be agreed to reduce operating costs in words of hardware, power consumption, data center bandwidth, etc.

Thus, involving various departments in your performance culture for effective web and mobile software building process would be beneficial so spread your words across the product management department. Marketing as well as sales department should not be spared here. This is easy if you can identify the key persons in these departments and can use right vocabularies for them.

If you speak in the language that how performance can improve the numbers of unique users from search engine marketing as a result of a faster website makes happy the marketing and sales persons. Therefore, using the terms that resonate with the department you are addressing is important.

To make more and more persons interested in your performance campaign you should carry out some detailed search on your web and mobile software building project and find out the useful stats and present them smartly drawing charts. Now your next step should be to pick a right product to focus on like the product that is in the list of top ten, but doesn’t catch the number one product since that is a cash cow for your organization and nobody would like to experiment with it.

Picking the right product alone is not important to assure success but the persons who work on the web performance optimization for a web and mobile software building project are more important so try to choose the team which can devote you more time and willing to help you so you need to revisit this team each time in the future.