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How to create a Viral Video which people will love to share?


You might be thinking that Viral Marketing is pretty much difficult which you can’t even get through. You may study some of the marketing tricks for viral marketing but you will still be scratching your head for not getting the appropriate results. Don’t worry as initially I was one of them when I got started.

There were few of my friends who got good results for just uploading the videos of their pets, children and some of the funny things they found even though they were from non-IT backgrounds. They were simply addicted to share anything on the web what they liked. That day onwards I felt like getting through this anyhow.

See here you need to understand people’s mind if you are doing something for them. Are they aliens? No, then you can understand them easily. Think by putting yourself intheir place and see how you feel about your share. If answer is good, then go for it and do implementation onto the web, and just see how easily your information goes viral.

I researched a lot on viral marketing and found that videos are the best way to go viral easily. I have seen in many of the videos and great commercial ads for brands that people love to share on their wall. When you are creating viral promotional video for your organization, it should not be boring or irritating.

What do you need? How people will react after watching your video? Ask few of the questions to yourself first before taking an initiative. Relax, it’s not that much stressful as you think so. It’s pretty simple. You just need to pass a message funny or powerful enough that people will love to share everywhere.

Check out a few steps to create a viral video:

Choose your Composition Style and Screenplay

I think comedy is a great tool, isn’t it? (It’s not compulsory that you will get viewers only through comedy) When you find some of the videos like ‘Charlie bit my finger’, why do you think they go viral? It’s nothing but the over-the-top actions which matches them with your script to sail your point across.

After, selecting your composition style it comes to script/screenplay.I am not talking about JavaScript, nope! I am talking about a written script that you find in your promotional commercials ideallyof 30 seconds length. It’s really required in the script. Check what resources you have around your office and your home and then set your script with it. Apply what’seasily available around you. Another thing regarding script, please don’t be in a hurry while making something interesting as you need to be perfect in your script. Read through the script and share it with your friends and colleagues. If you are creating something funny and you don’t find them funny enough among your social networks then rewrite it until you have something solid enough. Spend as much time required because this will certainly be the most important step.

Be comfortable with Apparatus around you

Look around as to what actually is easily available. You can use, Microphone Built Camera that records with natural light. Also professional DSLR cameras work great for this.

Stay away from modifying your video frequently

The Beauty of your video always lies in your own hands. You can shoot and reshoot as much as required. It really doesn’t matter how many timesyou shoot your video to achieve perfection. It’s obvious that you won’t get it perfect initially, though it’s not always possible. A main criterion is not to edit your video scenes to look artificial. You can use some transition software to get the sharp cuts that you need.

Apply tune to your video

If you want people to watch your video and feel attractive and mesmerized, then you should add some melodious tunes to it. But again it should have a proper match with your video. It should not make the video boring or clumsy.

Decide your actors

You don’t need to set real actors for your video. Talk to your colleagues, friends, and relatives and ask them to help you to make your video viral.

Your message matters for people, not your errors

While making this type of video you need not be perfect all the time. The message you send to the people needs to be powerful and interesting. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a professional camera; it’s all about the message coming through your camera.

Bonus to have an experience guide

If you have an experienced guide then it’salways great while carrying out alive shoot, though it’s not all time necessary. They will help you to execute your shoot in a proper & systematic manner. On an initial level or on a small scale it’s ok if you do it with the help of your colleagues, relatives or friends, or someone who is camera savvy.