About Our Company
Big city web design firm, small town feel. Our friendly and expert team is dedicated to making your project a success.
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History of 337 Design

Since 2003 we have worked with clients throughout the United States and Internationally including Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Texas, Kansas, and even Australia! 337 Design was founded in Chicago in 2003 and has since expanded to include sales representatives in Los Angeles.

In nearly a decade, we've seen an amazing progression of technology and endless business opportunities on the world wide web.  Our passion for the web has kept us enthused and on top of emerging trends and technology.  And simply put, our experience has made us a better web design company.

Why Should I Choose 337 Design?

With over 25 years combined experience, we have the knowledge and passion for the web to make your new website a success.  Our custom design approach and expert service means we work smarter and put out a higher quality of work.  This directly translates into a smoother process for our clients, and most importantly it saves you time & money.

We are also enthusiastic business owners, so when it comes to our clients' websites we think like business owners.  When you hire us it isn't just to make a beautiful website.  You hire us to accomplish specific goals online--we think through your objectives and propose the best solution for your needs and your budget.  

People We've Worked With

We might build websites for businesses--but we work with people.  We have a vested interest in working hard for our clients because their success online is our success and that is seen in the large amount of business we do from referrals.  We have clients we've worked with since the very beginning and maintaining these relationships is important to us. 

We are not the biggest web design company, but we the have expertise in creating all different types of website:




Law Firms
Personal Trainer
Real Estate

Bespoke - Design Your Own
Home Goods & Furnishings
Lawn & Garden

      Magazine / City Guide     
Members Only (Adult)
Production Company
Tech Engineering


Meet a Couple of our People

We're kind of the modern day version of a mom 'n pop shop. We like to crack a joke every once in a while, but when it comes to work we're up at the crack of dawn every day.  We're a small but lean team that all works together to make your project a success. 
Ben - Creative Director

Ben wears a lot of hats but most importantly he is the Creative Director and the Official Strategist for all projects. He took his very first web design class in 2000 and became an instant web enthusiast. He soon realized that websites would some day be a
necessity for all successful businesses.  He also realized that this rapidly growing industry was rapidly changing,
with new programming languages emerging and an explosion of amazing possibilities on the web. 

Ben's Stats:
favorite design blog: smashingmagazine.com  |  pandora station: Wiz Khalifa

Jill - Head of Operations and Project Manager
Jill is the lead project manager, client consultant, and whip cracker.  As your lead project manager Jill is often your go-to person every step of the way.  From consulting on design, site layout, content, and programming, Jill directs your project from conception to launch.

Jill's Stats: favorite design blog: webcreme.com   |  pandora station station: Talking Heads

Eddie - Lead Designer
Eddie is an amazingly talented graphic designer and we are thrilled to have him as a part of our full time team. He's our resident Photoshop wizard and always on top of the latest web design trends.

Eddie's Stats: favorite web site: letitbleed.com   |  pandora station: Pearl Jam   |  when he's not designing he's: playing guitar

Thomas - Lead Programmer
Thomas is an expert programmer who excels in XHTML/CSS, PHP, Java Script, and more!   He is also a full time member of our team and an incredible asset.

Thomas's Stats: favorite online shop: thinkgeek.com   |   pandora station: Bob Marley     |  when he's not coding he's: on his computer

Our Process = Your Success

Each project has 3 key team members: the Project Manager, Lead Designer, and Lead Programmer.  Additional designers and programmers are assigned to your project based on the project requirements.  We guide you through the three main phases of web design; 1. Discovery  2. Design 3. Development.  Click here to read more about the web design process.


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